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Vacuum Fryer allows the moisture inside food materials to be removed under high vacuum and low temperature. The device can be used for all types of food materials, and the high-vacuum, low-temperature frying preserves the original taste of the ingredients. The cooking process is safer as the device does not change the physical properties of the ingredients, which commonly occurs when frying at a high temperature.

Vacuum Frying

   - A method of dehydration, where the moisture inside food materials is evaporated with the oil as the heat medium,

      while at the same time, the vacuum lowers the boiling point of water. 


   - Rapid dehydration is possible so that the original taste and colour of the food is better preserved.

   - Porous structure is formed so that the texture of the food becomes crispy.







Characteristics of the Vacuum Fryer

  1) Bubbling Fry

Traditional vacuum frying was beset with problems of stains caused by food materials coming into contact with one another upon mass production. This problem has been solved with the KIYOMOTO Vacuum Fryer through the Bubbling Fry method where the source food material is repeatedly put into and taken out of the oil medium during operation.

The method uses the shock created upon the food materials hitting the oil surface, which disperses the food materials and increases the conductivity of the oil through the resulting turbulence. In addition, the evaporation of moisture from the food materials prevents the temperature drop of the film so that the operation time is minimized and the oil temperature is maintained at a fixed level.

  2) RB Series Centrifugal Oil Extraction

The new RB Series enables instantaneous centrifugal oil extraction following the last stage of cooking, which suppresses the temperature drop of the products and mediates efficient oil extraction under puffing conditions. The method maximizes oil extraction while avoiding any damage to the products.

In addition, the amount of extracted oil can be controlled by setting the rotation rate and time on the extractor.

Characteristics of Vacuum-Fried Products

   1) The original flavour, colour, and nutritional content (such as vitamins) are preserved.

   2) The oil content of the product is remarkably lower than the ones made by traditional fryers.

   3) The oxidation of oil is relatively slow so that the oil can be used for a longer period of time.

   4) Rapid dehydration under a low temperature is possible.

   5) Automatic operation is possible.

   6) Work benches can be kept clean at all times.










※ Processing capacity may change due to source material, configuration, or preprocessing




• Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Processed sea food, Processed meat, General fried food products










Performance record

Number of major performances by county : Japan 45 / Korea 9 / Other countries 16

                                                                         (US, New Zealand, Hungary, China, Canada, Northern Ireland)



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