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Vacuum Frying

 Drying method to fry raw materials at low temperature under high vacuum to remove moisture 

 It can be safely manufactured by suppressing the change of physical property that occurs when fried at high temperature. 

 It can be dried in a short time so that original flavor and color can be preserved. 

 The texture of the product becomes crispy because its porous structure. 

 Centrifugal de-oiling method : It suppresses the temperature drop of the product as much as possible, efficient deoiling with expansion status.

    The amount of oil can be adjusted by setting the rotation speed and de-oiling time. 







Characteristics of the Vacuum Fryer

 The original flavour, colour, and nutritional content (such as vitamins) are preserved. 

 The oil content of the product is remarkably lower than the ones made by traditional fryers. 

 The oxidation of oil is relatively slow so that the oil can be used for a longer period of time. 

  Rapid dehydration under a low temperature is possible. 

  Automatic operation is possible. 

 Working environment can be kept clean at all times. 



 Basket Capacity (ℓ)Standard Processing Capacity
VF-10010070% of the basket capacity


  ※ Processing capacity may change due to source material, configuration, or preprocessing




• Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Processed sea food, Processed meat, General fried food products







Performance record

• Number of major performances by county : Japan 45 / Korea 9 / Other countries 16 (US, New Zealand, Hungary, China, Canada, Northern Ireland) 




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