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About Company

Introducing Kiyomoto Co.Ltd.





Kiyomoto Co. Ltd. is,

Kiyomoto Co. Itd. was, established in 1937 as a maintenance
company for Asahi Kasei Corporation and Electronics Kyushu Corporation.
The company's ever growing technical skills nurtured by the steadfast
devotion and sincere attitude of our people, has earned the company the
upmost confidence and trust from the customers.

The Kiyomoto philosophy of "Devotion · Trust · Technology" has strengthened
our position as a comprehensive technology brand based on
maintenance · industrial machinery manufacture · cast steel production,
never ceasing to take on new challenges in this rapidly changing era.

We have also been faithfully carrying out the corporate social responsibility
of contributing to
and communicating with the local people as well as
actively pursuing research and development in the field of medical devices
and environmental facilities. Kiyomoto will strive to achieve true
‘Human Technology’ through the unique power
of devotion and technological expertise.


Corprate Philosophy

  • POINT 01

    Cultivate your art,

  • POINT 02

    Joy of life flavored at
    the ardor for work

  • POINT 03

    Create living products
    through wisdom and technology


CEO's Message

In 1937,

Established in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan in 1937, KIYOMOTO Co. Ltd. has been expanding its marketing horizons with its core technology of providing maintenance services to chemical plants, industrial machinery manufacture, and cast steel production. Based on 80 years of customer trust and technological development, we have established KIYOMOTO KOREA to offer enhanced services to our customers in Korea.

The corporate branch in Korea will provide the equipment and devices that were developed by the main office in Japan over a number of years, including the Super Thin Film Cooker, Candy Manufacturing Equipment, Super-heated Steam Oven, Vacuum Fryer, Rendering&Extract Plant and Auto Strainer. We aim thereby to provide high quality services and make every effort to earn the trust of our customers. Thank you.


Corprate History

  • 2010’s~

    • 2020.04 -

      Establishment of Kiyomoto Adnavced Research Center
    • 2020.03 -

      Office expansion relocation (Guro)
    • 2015.04 -

      Establishment of KIYOMOTO KOREA
    • 2013.11 -

      Liaison office established in Seoul, Korea
  • 1990’s~

    • Completion of Imari Factory as a part of the plant in Saga Prefecture

      - 2006.10 -

    • Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification

      - 2004.06 -

    • Acquisition of Economy waste Water Treatment License by the Ministry of Land and Transportation

      - 2003.11 -

    • Establishment of the Shanghai office

      - 2003.03 -

    • Acquisition of the Manufacture License for pressure vessel production in China

      - 2002.12 -

    • Completion of Stainless Steel Factory inside Nobeoka Factory

      - 1999.10 -

    • Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification

      - 1998.04 -

    • Establishment of Dalian-KIYOMOTO Ltd. In Dalian City, Liaoning, China (100% independent investment)

      - 1997.04 -

    • Establishment of the Maintenance Plant in Otake City

      - 1992.12 -

    • Completion of the Bridge-specialized factory (Nobeoka Factory)

      - 1991.01 -

  • 1980’s~

    • 1988.08 -

      Establishment of the Tokyo office
    • 1988.01 -

      Establishment of the Kanto regional office in line with the market launch of Hebel HausTM Steel-frame homes of Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation
    • 1983.04 -

      Establishment of the Fuji office inside the Fuji branch of Asahi Kasei Corporation
  • 1970’s~

    • Establishment of the Oita branch office as requested by Oita coastal industrial complex

      - 1975.02 -

    • Acquisition of Welding Authorization (Japan) in accordance with Electricity Business Act and Urban Gas Business Act of Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

      - 1973.09 -

    • Technical cooperation with SP Kinney Engineers of the US leading to the establishment of KIYOMOTO-KINNEY Co. Ltd. (100% Investment)

      - 1973.08 -

    • Relocation of the cast steel plant to Yamauchi Factory (producing 600 tons monthly of cast steel products)

      - 1973.02 -

    • Purchase of 20,000㎡ of land in Saga Prefecture and the establishment of Yamauchi Factory (producing 20,000 tons of cast steel materials)

      - 1971.01 -

    • Main office established in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture Begins to provide maintenance services to Mizushima Plant of Asahi Kasei Corporation

      - 1970.04 -

  • 1960’s~

    • 1966.07 -

      Completion of the expansion and relocation to Nobeoka Factory
    • 1964.05 -

      Beginning of the expansion and relocation to Nobeoka City in line with the development of the new industrial town in Hyuga/Nobeoka district of Miyazaki Prefecture
  • 1930’s~

    • Purchase of 5,000m cast steel plant in Takeo City of Saga Prefecture Implementation of general, special, heatproof, acid proof, wear-resistant steel production

      - 1959.08 -

    • Registered as a corporation, and inaugurates KIYOMOTO Co. Ltd.

      - 1948.05 -

    • Appointed as the maintenance company for Asahi Kasei Corporation Implementation of Fiber Manufacture, Installation, as well as Plumbing and Tinning

      - 1941.04 -

    • KIYOMOTO Iron Factory established (Founder and CEO: Mr. Kuniyoshi Kiyomoto)

      - 1937.02 -