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The KIYOMOTO SFC uses reheated saturated steam so that the latent heat or the sensible heat of the steam can be maximized and applied to cooking. The maximum temperature that can be reached is 350℃ and the oven can be used for all types of cooking including simmering, steaming, roasting, and defrosting. As it operates on maximum thermal efficiency, the oven minimizes the cooking time and hence the bulk of the ingredients remains. KIYOMOTO holds the best record for performance and technology for SFC in Japan. 



Characteristics and Advantages of the KIYOMOTO Superheated Steam Oven

  1) Cooking with an extremely hypoxia condition
   → Air is blocked from entering the oven so that the superheated steam is repeatedly discharged from the nozzle and

       allows cooking to take place in an extremely low level of oxygen thereby preventing the oxidation of oil.

  2) Cooking time is minimized by the efficient use of the highest level of heat of the superheated steam
   → At the beginning of heating, the surface of the ingredients experiences a rapid increase in temperature while the

       temperature of the interior increases gradually so that the time taken for dehydrating the surface, is minimized.

       Hence the overall cooking time.

Improved yield, Reduced overall loss of ingredients
   : Dripping occurs at a negligible level as the time taken for surface dehydration has been minimized.

② Improved colour
   : Surface structure becomes more even and balanced due to the rapid evaporation of moisture.
     This leads to an improvement in luster and colour with pigment enrichment.


Improved texture
   : Surface tissues are protected for excellent texture by minimizing the heating time that retains the difference in

     temperature between the surface and the interior, and by preventing overheating.
     The cooking mechanism of oven will show a different temperature rising at surface and interior and keep excellent

     texture without destruction of tissues due to overheating


Sterilizing effect
   : Heat-denaturation is suppressed by the minimized time taken to heat for surface dehydration, which also reduces

     the surface microbial growth and hence prolongs the shelf life. 

  3) Superheated steam is discharged through the up-down type nozzle

      (The amount of steam in each zone and at the top and the bottom can be controlled)
   → The discharge of Superheated steam through the up-down nozzle allows production of consistent quality.

  4) Superheated steam can be set to have a specific temperature for each zone (1 zone = 1,000mm block)
   → The amount and temperature of steam can be adjusted so that a range of cooking methods are possible.


  5) Installation of additional facilities is simple made.
   → Additional installations can be done simply by adding new zones to the SFC.
       This also allows for changes in the cooking time and an improvement in the production rate.

  6) Multiple combinations with diverse super-heaters like gas or electricity type.
   → KIYOMOTO produces various types of SFC, which leads to customized installation and combination of SFC.
       Also, a hybrid of electricity and gas based SFC is available, which ensures energy saving according to a low or high

       cooking temperature.

  7) CIP and hygienic management are easy made.
   → SFC is of simple and gated structure, which allows for the convenient management for cleanliness and hygiene. 




◎ Advantages of Super Oven compared to other products








◎ The basic process of Super Oven















1) Appearance : L2,000 X W700 X H1,135



2) Operation : Electric heater (20㎾)



3) Steam Consumption : 50-100㎏/hr



4) Cooking Temperature : 120-350℃


5) Application : Laboratory or Small-scale business






◎ SO-600 Series (S, SE type)



1) Appearance



2) Operation : Burner combustion (Gas, LPG, Electricity, Petroleum, Kerosene) , Electric heating (30~50㎾)



3) Steam Consumption : 200-300㎏/hr


4) Cooking Temperature : 120-350℃










◎ SO-800 Series(S, SE type)


1) Appearance  


2) Operation : Burner combustion (Gas, LPG, Electricity, Petroleum, Kerosene), Electric heating (30~50㎾)



3) Steam Consumption : 250-350㎏/hr


4) Cooking Temperature : 120-350℃










◎ SO-1000 Series(S, SE type)



1) Appearance



2) Operation : Burner combustion (Gas, LPG, Electricity, Petroleum, Kerosene), Electric heating (30~50㎾)



3) Steam Consumption : 300-400㎏/hr


4) Cooking Temperature : 120-350℃


◎ SO-Junior (Double stack type/Basic)



1) Appearance



2) Operation : Electric heating (60㎾)



3) Steam Consumption : 140㎏/hr (70㎏/hr ×2)



4) Cooking Temperature : 120-350℃




※ S type : Kerosene or Diesel
    SE type : Electric super heater 




  Roasting : fish, meat, dried fish, meat patty, gratin, sponge cake, etc.

  Defrosting : frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen meat patty, frozen gratin, frozen dumpling, etc.

  Steaming : sea food such as octopus, shrimp, crab; vegetable branching, dumplings, etc.

  Frying : frozen sea food such as shrimp, oyster; frozen chicken breast; culets, etc.

  Simmering : carrots, potatoes, burdock, rice, etc. 









Performance record

Number of major performances by country : Japan 71 / Korea 1 / Other countries 2 (China)



 Major client





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