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Candy manufacturing began at the Sakuma plant where it gathered rich experience and sales records throughout Japan, Korea, and countries in South East Asia. Presently,

the Sakuma plant has become a valuable part of KIYOMOTO and the new name will enable the proud 70 years of candy manufacturing to continue making history.

Our anchor product is the device known as the SFC that uses super thin films as well as different technology based on heat transfer and vacuum concentration developed and improved over a considerable amount of time. Since its development in 1982, the SFC acquired the patent in Japan in 1988 and has achieved the sales record of 400 machines so far. SFC is recognized as the equipment that opened a new era in candy manufacturing as it allowed the production of soft candies with a mellow texture and high content of dairy product as well as hard candies with juicy centers.

KIYOMOTO and Sansei Food embarked on the joint development of Xylitol candies in 1999. After its successful production in 2001 through the use of KIYOMOTO’s SFC and 3-Layer Depositor, Sansei Food marketed the Xylitol candies and there ensued an active supply of manufacturing equipment for Xylitol candies, first to Lotte Confectionery in Korea and Lotte Confectionery in Japan in 2004; to Senjaku in Japan in 2005; and to Kukje Confectionery, Orion Confectionery, Chungwoo Food Company in Korea in 2006. In addition,

the manufacturing equipment for Hi-Chew, the renowned soft candies of Morinaga Confectionery, began to be supplied to Chukaguchi Factory in 1985 and to Churumi Factory in 1994 following the expansion, and in 2001, one more anufacturing line was added to the manufacturing plant.

Based on 70 years of rich experience and unique technological expertise, KIYOMOTO is ready to make every effort to help enhance production for our customers through consultation and engineering that will satisfy the specific needs from new product design to its manufacture. 




Classification according to physical properties



 •   Hard & Soft Candy (Topping, Center filling, Layer etc.) 








 ​ •  Gummy & Jelly







Classification according to molding type






  •  Depositor 

 • ​ Depositor_Topping

  •  Depositor_3 Layer







 •  Stamping

 •  Cutter type

 •  Drop roll



Performance record

Number of major performances by country : Japan more than 200 / Korea 7 / Other countries 5

                                                                            (China, Taiwan, Indonesia) 


 Major client




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