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◈ Basic Principle  

The original raw material penetrates through the thin space between the steam-heated inner chamber and the outer chamber of a double structure vertical cylinder. The structure ensures an area twice as large for heat transfer than the traditional side-by-side structure so that the liquid spreads thinly through the space upon penetration for excellent thermal conductivity when the inner chamber rotates to cause stirring effects. This minimizes the heating time and thereby protects the physical properties of the extract and promotes optimum concentration.

◈ Characteristics

The raw material in the storage tank is supplied to the heating tube by controlling the discharge rate of the variable stroke plunger pump. The heating tube of the SFC is a double chamber cylinder in which the steam is supplied to the inner and the outer chambers for heating the extract to the desired temperature within a short period of time. Besides, the space between the inner and the outer chambers is only 3mm so that the extract liquid is thinly spread upon penetration through the space. Combined with the rotation of the inner chamber which adds stirring effects, the device allows the heat of the steam to be evenly transferred to the extract.
The raw material that has reached the desired temperature then gets discharged into the vacuum tube where its latent heat of steam is taken away so that the moisture of the extract evaporates.

This is the process that the extract become more concentrated. The conditions such as the heating temperature, vacuum level, extract supply rate, as well as the area of the heat transfer and tube diameter should be determined by the following factors:

1)  Chemical properties of the concentrate

2)  Physical properties of the concentrate

3)  Moisture content and processing capacity of the raw material and the product



Notable Features of SFC

1) Useful for concentrating or drying (the heat-labile) substances which are vulnerable to heat

2) Useful for concentrating or drying the substances with high viscosity and foam and as well as those with high

    degree of cohesiveness or stickiness increasingly upon heating

3) Unlike traditional concentrators, SFC allows the concentration to proceed directly to dehydration SFC can reach a

    dehydration at one time.

Operating Mechanism

1) Short heating time prevents the denaturation of the raw material which is vulnerable to heat.

2) Entraining effect of steam generated from the extract allows the processing of the substances with a high degree of

    cohesiveness or stickiness


System Configuration of SFC when used as a heat transfer device for concentration

    ① Receiver Tank (storage tank for the raw material)

    ② Controlled Volume Pump (plunger type)

    ③ SFC Heater (heat transfer to the raw material)

    ④ Evaporator (moisture evaporation)

    ⑤ Condenser (moisture condensation)

    ⑥ Vacuum Pump (water seal type)

Application of each device within the system configuration the purpose of each devices.

​  ① Receiver Tank (Jacket-attached)

​     : The Receiver Tank may act as a primary storage for the product that has acquired prescribed conditions or as the device

       that actually assists the raw material to acquire the conditions. The tank will initially use steam-heating; however, hot

       -water-heating is possible if the substance changes colour upon heating.

  ② Controlled Volume Supply Pump (Variable area supply)
     : The pump supplies to the SFC a controlled volume of the stored liquid inside the receiver tank.

       The volume can be adjusted according to the processing capacity.

  ③ SFC (Provides heat until a set concentration temperature achieved)
     : SFC is a device that provides heat to the controlled volume of the supplied liquid until a set temperature has been

       reached. The settings should be adjusted according to the substance being processed.

  ④ Evaporator
     : The moisture of the extract liquid that has been heated in the SFC to a set temperature evaporates inside a vacuum

       tube. The vacuum level can be adjusted according to the desired concentration state.

  ⑤ Condenser
     : The latent heat of the moisture that has turned into steam inside the evaporation tube is removed so that the moisture

       undergoes phase changes and once more becomes a liquid and discharged.

  ⑥ Vacuum Pump (Water-seal type)
     : The inside of the pump is tightly sealed by using the water supplied to the pump and the water emerging from the

       condenser so that it will create and keep the vacuum. 








The size of each device

50kg/hr type



270kg/hr type







400kg/hr type







600kg/hr type






1200kg/hr type




Performance record



Number of major performances by country : Japan 185 / Korea 22 / Other countries 5 (China, Taiwan, Indonesia) 


 Major client





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